Argument Ends with Drawn Gun

By: Amaka Ubaka, WOWT Channel 6

An Omaha man in fear of his life makes the decision to pull out his gun at a metro gas station.

Jim McGeorge spoke to Channel Six News Wednesday night. He recalls the dispute between him and two men last week that still has him shaken up.

“I really though they were going to hurt me. I thought they had the potential to kill me,” says McGeorge.

McGeorge owns a mobile mechanic business. He says he was at the Kwik Shop on 48th and L working on a customer’s car, when two men approached in a car blasting music.

“When they pulled up their music was really loud like give you a headache loud,” says McGeorge. “I asked them to turn it down and they didn’t appreciate that.”

The men began arguing and that’s when McGeorge says the pair threatened to come after him. Eventually the men left without getting gas.

Minutes later the men returned and confronted him.

McGeorge pulled out the gun he always carries with him. he got his concealed carry permit over the summer.

“They didn’t think I had one so I showed them and he said he wasn’t afraid of it.”

The two men did eventually leave, but McGeorge says he still fears they may retaliate.

“When I drive around I look in my mirrors. If people pull up right beside me and going the same speed as me I make it a point to look over and see who they are.”

Channel Six checked with 88 Tactical, a security company that teaches a concealed carry permit course. Scott Kuzminski, an instructor, says every situation is different. But in their class they teach the legal, moral, and ethical responsibly every gun owner has.

“If you decide this is a life threatening situation and you produce your weapon and shoot to kill another human being you have to be prepared to live with that for the rest of your life.”

Kuszminski says there can also be legal ramifications of you draw a gun when you shouldn’t have.

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