Specialized & Guest Instructors


This 2+ day dynamic program offers a little bit of everything in one powerful training weekend. Instruction combines reality-based survival scenarios and live fire training practice. Skills taught include evasion, camouflage, navigation, shelters, food and water foraging, and medical care. Weapon handling and target shooting drills also included.

Successful completion of both Handgun and Rifle Foundations courses is recommended.

Two days and two nights of physically and emotionally taxing challenges. This Civilian class was developed by, and is overseen by Special Operations Personnel and Master Bushcraft Instructors. No two S.E.R.E. classes are exactly alike, no two groups of participants will respond in the same way to the stimulus provided, and students should be prepared for virtually any contingency.

Students must complete Basic S.E.R.E. course prior to enrolling in this class.