Elite Training Organization

88 Tactical’s Security
Assessment of Corporations.

Threat Management & Mitigation Topics | Situational, environmental, organizational and personal awareness; mindset and the realities of violent encounters; workplace violence and active shooter information and overview; threat mitigation techniques; active shooter preparedness and response options; planning for unknown situations; and indicators of imminent violence.

Roles & Responsibilities | 88 Tactical will provide all classroom instruction, as well as all necessary training aids and materials. Additionally, a physical on—site security assessment will be performed, and a report with recommendations will be submitted.

Strategy & Approach |The Threat Management & Mitigation course will be delivered in two, 4 hour classroom sessions consisting of instruction and practical exercises. The scheduled dates and times are to be determined. *Additional classroom hours may be increased dependent number of employees.

Assessment of Corporations include:

  • Preliminary meeting to understand corporation
  • Day long Security Assessments
  • Tour of facility
  • Photos of current security check points, breaches, etc.
  • Discuss current security procedures
  • Interview employees
  • Thorough review of current security procedures in place
  • Firing Procedures and current policies and procedures
  • Physical security measures
  • Training and readiness of employees

Additional corporate training includes:

  • Fire response
  • Medical response – Med, Basic Self Defense and awareness training
  • Major Disaster Preparation – Get yourself back and running quickly
  • Risk evaluation
  • Active threat scenarios
  • Conceal carry in the workplace (20 hour  & 40 hour carry in the workplace programs)
  • Security force training
  • Corporate team building

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