Training Department

Erik Ruiz

LE Instructor | SWAT & CQC Tactics

Erik has been an Officer with the Henderson Police Department (HPD) in Henderson, NV since July of 2014.  Prior to becoming an Officer with HPD, Erik served as a Police Officer with the Elgin Police Department in Elgin IL, from March of 2012 until June of 2014.  Before his time as a Police Officer, he served in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Officer (Military Police), during which time he was a member of the Air Force Special Operations Command, Deployed Aircraft Ground Response Element (DAGRE).  

Erik became a member of the HPD SWAT team as an alternate (collateral) member in March of 2018, and quickly worked his way on to the full-time compliment in April of 2019 where he is presently assigned.  Erik serves as his team’s lead training coordinator, lead CQC instructor, lead entry Officer, and is also a sniper/observer. He has extensive experience teaching various courses of instruction for his team, department, and surrounding agencies, such as basic and advanced firearms instruction, CQC, active assailant, hostage rescue, and basic SWAT among many other topics.  

Erik became part of the 88 Tactical Mobile Training Team in May of 2021 and teaches several courses for the company, including but not limited to High Threat CQC (HTCQC), HTCQC Instructor, Hostage Rescue, Basic SWAT, and Basic Sniper.