Training Department

Lance Liggett

LE Instructor | Drone Operations

Lance has been a  Sheriff’s  Deputy  with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) in Jacksonville, FL since  April of 2009.  He  currently  serves  as  the senior full-time member of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Unit. Prior to assisting with the start of JSO’s UAS unit, he served as an academy instructor,  possessing certificates in all 4 areas of high liability training,  primarily focusing on computer instruction, driving techniques, and use of force articulation. He has helped several other UAS programs begin and serves as a member of the Florida FLOGRU UAS leadership council. He is an FAA FAAST team member and  a coordinator of the NE FL UAS Region 3 training  working group. He has been a certified Part 107 Pilot with the FAA since late 2018. Lance teaches 88 Tactical’s Drone Tactics and Operation course.