Active Killer Interdiction

88 Tactical’s Active Killer Interdiction Course was designed to better prepare officers to respond to active killer incidents in a multitude of environments. Traditional active killer response courses are outdated and not easily adapted for use outside of school structures. Our students will be provided with proven strategies that will allow them to rapidly and effectively deal with threats in multiple environments, including crowded areas, open-air venues, vehicles, and indoor spaces. The tactics taught in this course are universal and scalable from individual response up to multiple teams working together. Better positioning allows for better decision-making, decreasing the risk of officers being forced into a shooting situation when none is required.

This course starts with a short lecture on how 88 Tactical’s Active Killer Interdiction strategy differs from traditional active killer response training, then transitions to hands-on instruction. This course teaches tactics to deal with threats at the first possible moment in any situation, at any time – even while the suspects are in flight or encountered at random.

The course ends with multiple contact drills, force-on-force, several scenarios, and post engagement exercises. The course utilizes dry practice, and force-on-force marked cartridges to maximize realism – no live fire.

  • Detect pre-attack indicators
  • Weapons maneuver, avoiding friendly fire and earning the shot
  • Aggressive speed and flexible movement.
  • Movement through crowds
  • Use cover and movement to gain a tactical advantage
  • Operate effectively while under high levels of stress
  • Solo engagement, linkups and cells
  • Proper equipment selection
  • Tactical advantage and reduced liability
  • Flexible tactics translate to any environment
  • Scalable movement techniques for individuals and teams
  • Immediate action drills for extreme situations
  • Proactive response provides Offensive and Defensive advantage
  • Behavior-Based tactics and skills that are realistic and naturally learned/performed
  • Flexible and various speeds
  • Decision-making “force-on-force” drills
  • Part of High Threat CQB matrix
  • Deals with emerging threats such as IED’s, suicide bombers, and dedicated resisters

The required equipment varies per class. The equipment list will be sent via email after registration.

Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.

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