Drone Tactics & Operations Course

88 Tactical’s Unmanned Tactical Aerial Operations course is a 3-day comprehensive view into the tactical advantages of utilizing an Unmanned aircraft to provide a safe and efficient way to gather intelligence, survey a scene and locate suspects or hostages. UAS’s equipped with cameras and other sensors can provide real-time information to SWAT teams, Commanders, and supervisors allowing them to make informed decisions, de-escalate situations and minimize the risk to both officers and civilians.

Students will be introduced to tactical flying procedures and scenario-based training utilizing an unmanned aerial system in the national airspace. The students will fly inside buildings or other enclosed structures. The indoor environment challenges the best of UAS pilots with limited visibility, tight spaces, radio frequency communication, and obstacles. The student will learn it is essential to have a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety, privacy, and collection of data. Students will undergo real mission scenarios, low light applications, and push their piloting skills, instructed by experienced tactical law enforcement UAS operators.

  • Flight Operations
  • UAS Operations W/Tactical Teams
  • Inflight Search Techniques
  • UAS Night Operations (Day 2)
  • Indoor Tactical Flight Operations
  • SWAT Tactics W/UAS
  • Integration W/EOD Teams
  • K9 Tactics W/UAS
  • UAV Team Tactics
  • Vehicle Suppressions and Clearing
  • Working with crewed aircraft
  • Navigation
  • Sensor Systems
  • Mission Planning
  • Data Analysis & Collection
  • Mitigation Measures
  • Network Security
  • Wide area terrain characteristics and searches
  • Primary UAS
  • Indoor UAS
  • Multiple Batteries
  • Charging Systems
  • Part 107 recommended
  • Classroom for lecture: projector, screen, speakers, computer hookups
  • Building, house, open space
  • Wood lines
  • Vehicle
  • Volunteers for scenarios (2-4)

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Student Testimonials

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