Patrol Designated MarksmanDesignated Defensive Marksman

This course is designed to build the patrol officer’s fundamental skills and confidence to observe, contain, and engage threats out to 400 yards while utilizing low power variable optics (LPVO).  This course is a basic precision shooting training for patrol level, allowing officers to acquire accuracy for precision shoots or proactive observations during critical incidents.…MORE

Basic Law Enforcement Sniper

The 5-day Basic Sniper training course is designed to train specially selected individuals from various law enforcement agencies to properly utilize high-powered precision rifles. Participants will be trained in the areas of tactical precision shooting and observation skills. This sniper training course will give their departments the added tools to deal with a constantly changing high-threat environment. …MORE

Advanced Law Enforcement Sniper

The 3-day advanced sniper training course is designed to take precision shots from unconventional positions utilizing tripods out to 400 yards.  The student will learn how to build a stable final firing position when deploying a tripod, barricade, or unconventional support. Officers will learn the criteria for selecting and building a hide site and fire from various hide sites and positions.…MORE

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