Basic TacMed (Medical Module Only)

Basic TacMed is the first in the series of 88 Tactical’s trauma courses developed for Law Enforcement and Military (LE/MIL) personnel. It contains the medical module only. There is no live-fire training. Students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to decrease preventable loss of one’s own life (self-aid) or the life of another (buddy aid), while in an active threat environment. …MORE

Intermediate TacMed

Intermediate TacMed for LE/MIL personnel builds on the Basic TacMed curriculum, adding pre-hospital trauma care while under fire. The focus of the instruction is to give the operator the ability to recognize, evaluate and control life-threatening injuries common to all first responders with a tactical slant. Students will be expected to provide care while in contact with a shooter, or responding to a mass casualty or active shooter event. …MORE

TacMed Instructor

This instructor-level course combines both live-fire and tactical medicine exercises in a 2-day, 20-hour class. Our curriculum, in accordance with the Principle Guidelines of Instruction set by the TECC, covers the fundamentals of tactical medicine, the use of a basic trauma kit, treating hemorrhage, chest trauma, and other life-threatening injuries. …MORE

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