Undercover Rescue Vehicle Tactics Course

This two-day training course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of undercover narcotics operations as they relate to UC/CI rescue. This course will focus heavily upon situations where agents are at risk inside a vehicle but will also include open air and structure rescue techniques. The course will incorporate real-life case studies and supporting documentation. The training will incorporate mission planning and risk mitigation, personnel selection, common language, and equipment requirements necessary to establish a reliable rescue or cover team element. Participants will learn about strategies of vehicle assaults to secure and rescue the UC/CI from the inside or around the vehicle. Students will participate in scenario-based training throughout the course including force on force scenarios.

  • Identifying pre-robbery / assault indicators by enhancing officers’ ability to analyze likely mission outcomes and work through contingency planning.
  • Developing a thorough understanding of the planning, personnel, and equipment required for successful undercover operations.
  • Tactics, Techniques, and procedures to develop the necessary skills to execute vehicle assault tactics and rescue Undercover Officers and Confidential Informants in high threat situations. 
  • Understanding earning the shot principles and avoid friendly fire.
  • Developing key language for successful rescue mission.
  • Promoting effective teamwork and communication among officers and support teams during potentially dangerous scenarios.
  • UC vehicle preparation and site selection.
  • Plate carrier/vest
  • Pistol/rifle with chamber blocker
  • 100 rounds sim 50 of each
  • Eye pro, ear pro
  • Both concealed and duty holster for pistol
  • Long sleeves
  • PPE: head, neck, groin
  • Radio with mic/earpiece
  • Coverups (flannel, jacket)
  • Classroom with AV hookups, projector, speakers
  • UC bug phone/tech
  • Large open space (parking lot, field, county fair property)
  • Minimum 4 unmarked vehicles:
    • 1 UC Vehicle (this should be agencies actual dedicated vehicle) 
    • 2 Unmarked Rescue Vehicles -Full Size SUV or Larger (Contact Vehicles)
    • 1 Unmarked eyes/observation/overwatch

Host a Class

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Aaron Guzman at 507-884-5193 or aguzman@88tactical.com.

Ask how your agency can receive a FREE slot.