School Resource Officers Train for Mass Casualty Incident

Omaha School Resource Officers Train for Mass Casualty Incidents

By: DaLaun Dillard, KETV Channel 7 News

School resource officers work to keep classrooms safe, and Monday they learned more about lifesaving techniques.

“We’re teaching them how to deal with more combat-type injuries. How to use tourniquets, pack wounds, how to maintain a person’s airway,” said Shawn Whittington of 88 Tactical Training.

Amid the mass shootings within the past weekend alone, Omaha police says this mandatory training is crucial.

“People should not die from loss of blood, that’s something alleviated very quickly,” said OPD Lt. Charles Ott. “I can tell you that there are numerous officers on the street that are carrying, one or two, numerous tourniquets.”

Whittington said tourniquet training is something everyone needs to know, even those who are not working in law enforcement.

“Medical skills are something that whether it’s an active killer or not, at a certain point in their career they’re going to come across a civilian that’s going to need immediate aid,”he said.

“Like our weapon, just like Tasers or handcuffs, you should always carry a tourniquet because it can save lives,” said school resource officer Jeff Kilgore.

Though the training is needed, some say it’s unfortunate that officers have to prepare for something like a school shooting.

“It’s a horrible reality that cops even have to be in schools, that’s my personal opinion,” said Kilgore. “But they are and we’re trying to make it safe for our most precious commodity which is our kids.”

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