Senior Instructors
CQB, Combatives, Firearms & Tactics

Aaron Guzman is a 15-year veteran currently licensed in the State of Minnesota. He holds instructor ratings in Firearms, Combatives, CQB, Active Killer Response, Safariland Less Lethal/Chemical, Field Training Officer, and he is the range master for his agency. Aaron has ten years assigned to a multi-jurisdictional collateral S.W.A.T team as the Assistant Commander. He has served in the capacity of breacher instructor, high threat CQB instructor, less lethal/chemical/distraction device instructor, training coordinator and team leader.

In 2016, Aaron became a contract instructor at 88 Tactical and instructs High Threat CQB and High Threat Vehicle Engagements for patrol and S.W.A.T. officers. Guzman operates and manages the 88 Tactical’s Mobile Training Team (MTT). He coordinates training with law enforcement and military agencies, and he aids in course development while providing administrative and logistical duties for clients.

Aaron received his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice Leadership from Mountain State University, and his Associates of Arts degree & Associates of Science degree in Law Enforcement from Rochester Community and Technical College. In his free time, Aaron fishes and stay current with Jiu-Jitsu.

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