Firearms & Tactics

Jonathan Terry has spent 15 years serving in the US Army. He is a graduate of the esteemed Ranger, Airborne, Pathfinder and Jumpmaster schools. Jonathan spent over a year and a half as a sniper in Iraq and as an infantry Squad Leader in Afghanistan. Over his career, he has been in leadership roles charged with leading groups ranging from 3 to 34 men. He has conducted numerous combat surveillance missions, combat patrols, and close quarter entries.

He holds multiple advanced military instruction certifications. Jonathan is a subject matter expert in surveillance and reconnaissance techniques, anti-tracking, field-craft, small unit tactics, aircraft extractions, and both small arms and heavy weapons training.

Jonathan has also worked as a security contractor within the United States. He is an NRA certified instructor and is certified to teach Nebraska CCW as well as 88 Tactical’s esteemed High Threat CQB, and the newly designed High Threat Vehicle Engagements course. Jonathan holds a degree in medical science and is a NASM certified personal trainer. He wants to help others improve their mental and physical strength.

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