Retail & Operations, Armorer

Josh Swafford considers himself to be a lifelong student. He studied mathematics and biology at University of Nebraska–Omaha. Swafford is an FAA Certified Commercial Pilot, and he is working on a Certified Flight Instructor rating. He has his AAS in Welding, which he used when was a pipe welder. As an apprentice instructor, Josh also regularly helps with several different classes at 88 Tactical.

Swafford has been shooting competitively for over 13 years. He is a certified Armorer, and has been repairing and modifying guns for over a decade. He has also taken nearly all of the 88 Tactical Curriculum, and has been studying martial arts for most of his life. Josh studied Taekwondo at the young age of nine, and he is now a part of the 88 Tactical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team under Greg James and Scott Thompson.

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