Firearms & Tactics

Justyn Riley has experience in both military and law enforcement. He is trained as both a machine gunner and as a Mortar Man team leader for the United States Marine Corps. Justyn competed in MMA, both as an amateur and a professional. For two years Justyn worked as a Member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team at the Nebraska State Penitentiary, and afterwards he joined the Omaha Police Department.

Justyn is a certified instructor through both 88 Tactical and the Omaha Police Department. He is qualified to instruct on High threat CQB, firearms, patrol rifle, and much more. He has also been a student in many 88 courses, such as TacMed, Advanced Handgun Level 1, Basic Edged Weapon Tactics, and many more. In his free time, Justyn enjoys shooting competitively.

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