Membership Account Coordinator

Lauren Lenhart-Thrasher was born and raised in California, where she received high honors and graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University of Long Beach. There, she received her degree in Sociological and Communicative Behavior. From an early age, Lauren pursued modeling and acting. She was featured in numerous fashion magazines, became a Stand-in in Hollywood and had various acting roles on Scandal, The Young and the Restless, Sons of Anarchy, and more.

In addition to her acting and roles on and off the camera, she worked as an Executive Assistant, later becoming a Creative Executive for a boutique film production company in Burbank. There she learned valuable skills, which have since been valuable at 88 Tactical. It was at that time she met her husband, Trevor Thrasher, and eventually moved to Omaha, Nebraska to assist with the development of 88 Tactical as the Membership Account Coordinator.

Lauren enjoys building relationships with the members and assisting with their needs. Her professionalism, great customer service, dedication to the company and detailed-oriented nature makes her an asset. She assists with new member administration and processing, coordinates between the different departments on behalf of the members to help them make the most of their membership. Lauren also represents 88 Tactical at a variety of community events. She has taken several training classes, including Primal Defense, Home Defense, Solo CQB, CCW, Interactive Handgun course, Skill Builders, CCW Scenarios, and TacMed.

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