Senior Instructors
Firearms & Tactics

Mike Murphy’s eleven years as a US Navy S.E.A.L. has built an impressive set of operational and training credentials. With multiple combat deployments in countries within the Middle East, Murphy has certifications in numerous disciplines including Scout Sniper, Point Man and CQB, Lead Navigation, Photographic Image Capture, Cold Weather Warfare and SERE, Joint Tactical Air Controller, Airborne School/Freefall, Laser Safety Officer and Range Safety Officer.

Murphy is qualified to instruct in both a Heavy Weapons and Small Arms, as well as a Land Warfare. He is an expert in Personal Security Details and Close Quarters Defense. Additionally, Murphy possesses several off-road driving certifications such as Tier 1 Off-Road, BDAR Off-Road and ITI Defensive Driving. Murphy is an asset to the 88 Tactical team and we’re honored to have him aboard.

Murphy has always been an out of the box thinker with an attention to detail. He has parlayed his career as a decorated Sailor into a successful full-time business venture in San Diego and Santa Barbara, California. ( Murphy spends some of his time volunteering and working with veterans, teaching them the skills of wood working as a continued dedication to other service men and women.

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