Senior Instructors

Nick Nowatney’s impressive credentials include over two decades in U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret, serving primarily in 5th Special Forces Group in the Middle East. He has trained with military forces from Kuwait, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kenya. Nowatney possesses a strong working knowledge of both Arabic and Thai languages.

Nowatney taught at the prestigious Combat Diver School in Key West, Florida. He was NCO in charge of the Dive Medical Clinic that handled hyperbaric injuries throughout the Keys. Nowatney rewrote and oversaw the Dive Medical Technician course in addition to teaching three resident diving courses.

After retiring from the military, he moved to the United Arab Emirates and became a senior advisor to the UAE Special Forces. His work included Counter Terrorism, Marksmanship, Air Assault, Close Quarters Battle and Combat Medicine.

Nick is a US State Department certified instructor in High Threat Protection and Tactical Medicine. When he isn’t working with 88 Tactical, he continues to find work as an overseas contractor. Professional affiliations include life membership with the NRA, the North American Hunting Club, and the Special Forces Association.

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