Assistant Membership Manager

Paul Browne started at 88 Tactical first as a member, then started his employment here as a Retail Associate and Range Safety Officer. He moved to Assistant Membership Manager and is also currently an Apprentice Instructor. Paul has a passion for customer service and teamwork and will always offer a friendly hello to everyone who enters 88 Tactical.

Paul immigrated to the US from Ireland in 2018 and joined Mick Doyle’s Gym, where he restarted his boxing career and soon became the Golden Glove champion for Omaha. Paul also enjoyed success in Ireland, winning two Boxer of the Year awards, along with Regional and Local titles. He also has National titles with Ireland’s indigenous sports of Hurling and Gaelic football.

Paul served one year with the Irish Army Infantry before joining the Navy as a Communications Operator. He was part of a deployment that served to break the record for the most rescues in Irish Naval history, saving over 3500 people from the sea who were trying to escape the wars on the African continent. Paul has the honor of being the only person of his rank to be sent on such a deployment and was part of the first deployed troop to receive their service medals while still in theatre. While part of the Irish Navy, Paul was also part of his unit’s Armed Boarding and Drug Interdictions Team.

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