Senior Instructors
SERE, Bushcraft & Rappelling

Terry Barney has taught survival skills to hundreds of military personnel and civilians all over the country. He cut his teeth in the Boundary Waters and Quetico Canoe areas, taking crews deep into the woods and covering over 1,500 miles with pack and paddle, training with Mors Kochanski and Tom Lutyens, and became a Winter Camping Instructor for the BSA.

Barney joined the U.S. Air Force and passed the rigorous training necessary to become a Survival Instructor (now referred to as SERE Specialist). It was in the military where Barney honed his bushcraft skill set, learning how to survive in different environments, to evade capture, resist enemy interrogations, and escape captivity.

Barney currently works full time as a Captain with the Omaha Fire Department. Terry has continued his training and is certified in HazMat, Rope Rescue, Public Safety/Rescue diver, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse Tech, and Swift Water Rescue. A certified Paramedic, Barney has conducted training for Omaha Police SWAT, FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team NETF-1, and fire departments around the nation.

In 2010, Barney opened the Midwest School of Bushcraft. His YouTube channel “IA Woodsman” has over 20,000 subscribers. Terry is an indispensable part of 88 Tactical’s instructor cadre.

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