Wayne Warren | 88 Tactical Group
Firearms & Tactics

Wayne Warren has had an incredibly distinguished career as a federal law enforcement agent with the United States Marshal Service. He has spent over thirty years preventing and intervening in crimes in violation of laws in federal, state and local jurisdictions. He has led a wide range of high risk and high-profile assignments, primarily in the Washington, DC/ Atlanta, GA areas. Wayne is currently assigned to the USMS Training Division in Brunswick, GA. He is a USMS Senior Instructor who specializes in Tactics/Entry, Vehicle Containments, Use of Force, Firearms, Active Shooter/C.R.A.S.E. and more.

Wayne is widely recognized by senior US government officials for his extensive skills and experience with tactical operations, firearms, emergency and special operations training in America. He has built strong relationships across multiple agencies throughout his career. Wayne was personally selected to head up details confronting terrorism (IOD/Iraq), drug cartels, organized crime and potentially catastrophic, life-threatening dangers (i.e., Ed and Elaine Brown mission). He’s a well-respected leader, known for his keen abilities, discipline, passion, and perseverance in the pursuit of justice.

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