Mick Doyle

Combatives & Self Defense Mick Doyle was born in Dublin Ireland. His family has a long tradition of fighters including his great grandfather, Mickey Finn. Mick began Martial Arts training at [...]

Aaron Guzman

CQB, Combatives, Firearms & Tactics Aaron Guzman is a 15-year veteran currently licensed in the State of Minnesota. He holds instructor ratings in Firearms, Combatives, CQB, Active Killer [...]

Chris Brammer

Precision Rifle Instructor & Director of Operations Senior Instructor Chris Brammer developed 88 Tactical’s Basic Sniper course for Law Enforcement and long-range marksmanship program for [...]

Mike Murphy

Firearms & Tactics Mike Murphy’s eleven years as a US Navy S.E.A.L. has built an impressive set of operational and training credentials. With multiple combat deployments in countries [...]

Shawn Whittington

Firearms, Self Defense & TacMed Shawn Whittington is a licensed Tactical Paramedic, and has been working professionally in the EMS/Fire industry since 1991. He has been a firearms and [...]

Mike Sackett

Firearms & Tactics Mike Sackett is a former team leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). His law enforcement experience spans 30 years, including 24 years as a Special Agent with the [...]

John Calabro

Tactical Medicine John Calabro, PA-C, is currently practicing as a Physician Assistant. He is a graduate of the United States Inter-Service Physician Assistant School (US Army) and is trained in [...]

Kurt Sorys

Senior Instructor & Training Department Manager A longtime SWAT team member and police trainer, Kurt Sorys brings with him nearly 33 years of experience. As a sergeant with the Omaha Police [...]

Terry Barney

SERE, Bushcraft & Rappelling Terry Barney has taught survival skills to hundreds of military personnel and civilians all over the country. He cut his teeth in the Boundary Waters and Quetico [...]

Greg Sampson

Firearms & Tactics Greg Sampson has developed and taught personal safety courses to hundreds of civilians and law enforcement personnel. He has been a peace officer since 1993 and holds [...]

Trevor Thrasher

Small Arms, High Threat CQB, Combatives A combat veteran U.S. Army Green Beret, Trevor Thrasher has unique and wide-ranging special operations experience. His credentials include law enforcement [...]