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Commercial & Residential Private Security Services

Whether you are looking to protect your business or your home, we offer customized security solutions to meet your security needs and your budget. From roving vehicle patrols, onsite officers, and vacation patrols, to off-duty uniformed officers and executive protection, we can provide the level of security you need to give you peace of mind.

We are a trusted security provider for a variety of businesses and residents throughout Omaha and are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and cost-effective security services. Our security professionals are highly trained and capable of handling high threat situations safely and with minimal disruption.

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Private Patrol Service

Roving vehicle patrols (5-10 minute tours) of the client’s property by a trained civilian security officer or law enforcement officer in a marked vehicle. The officer conducts patrols in a marked car with an LED light bar and branded wrap. The officer will provide a visual deterrent effect, property inspection, and real-time reporting for the client.

Dedicated Security Services

A civilian security officer or law enforcement officer stationed at a client’s location for a set period of time. With the officer onsite, clients, employees, and/or tenants will have increased peace of mind and protection while they are working, shopping, or at home.

Off-Duty Uniformed Officer Services

An off-duty law enforcement officer from the Omaha metro area, wearing their police agency-issued uniform while performing roving vehicle patrols or dedicated security services. Law enforcement officers provide a higher level of deterrence, resources, and training.

Vacation Patrols

Roving vehicle patrols of residential property daily during a client’s scheduled absence. The officer will report findings and contact the client directly if any issues arise.

Executive Protection

Personal private security provided by highly trained professionals. This service is contracted.

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