Accredited Degree Program

Earn an Associate’s Degree Through Hocking College

Associate Degree in Enhanced Police Science


Are you a civilian or military veteran looking to transition into a career in law enforcement, executive protection or private security?

Hocking College and 88 Tactical have partnered up to provide a pathway for students to earn an associate degree, especially those with prior law enforcement and/or military service.

88 Tactical will be offering a 30-day Tactical Operations Academy worth 12 credit hours for students working toward the Associate of Individual Studies Degree in Enhanced Police Science from Hocking College. 

Your previous professional experience may count for up to 40 credit hours toward your degree.

Flexible Schedule Options

Students can opt to take the 30-day Academy all at once, or in two separate two-week sessions. For example, a student may choose to complete the first two week session in one 30-day academy and take the second two-week session of the next academy to complete the full 30-day coursework. Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled the 2020 Academy dates and will add 2021 dates later this fall. 

About the Tactical Operations Academy

Enhanced Police Science

The Tactical Operations Academy is a comprehensive training program that covers a wide range of instruction, from firearms and tactics to executive protection and tactical medicine. Students will learn 88 Tactical’s proprietary Behavior-Based Methodology, which focuses on real-world encounters, not textbook hypotheticals. This 30-day academy is taught in 2-week segments at 88 Tactical’s outdoor training facility in Tekamah, Nebraska.

Why Choose This Program?

Academy graduates will gain a wide range of valuable skills that will help them land a career in law enforcement, EP or security. In addition to receiving 12 credit hours toward their degree at Hocking College, 88 Tactical will provide qualified students with instructor-level certifications in High Threat CQB, High Threat Vehicle Engagements, and TacMed.

88 Tactical’s Tekamah Facility

Located on 160 acres of rolling hills and timber, 88 Tactical’s Tekamah, Nebraska property is recognized as one of the top training facilities in the country. We are very proud to offer countless amenities to students at this location, including pistol, rifle, and precision rifle ranges that span from 35 to 425 yards, as well as acres of bushcraft and survival skills terrain. The property also includes a large lodge with an outdoor fire pit, cabins, a bunkhouse, unique underground bunker and more.

A meal program and on-site lodging will be available to students going through the Tactical Operations Academy.

Curriculum Outline

  • Introductions
  • Academy Overview
  • Equipment
  • Gunfights: myth vs. reality
  • Threat recognition
  • Sighted fire vs. point shooting
  • Firearm manipulations
  • Behaviorally compliant movement and use of cover
  • How typical firearm training creates more anxiety, gets abandoned, wastes time and resources, and increases liability
  • Creating “survival confidence”and a position of advantage for better decision-making
  • The “Three Brains” and how we think and act under threat
  • Combative Marksmanship: why survival and decision come before speed and precision
  • Engaging targets in close-range encounters
  • Engaging threats while on the move
  • Engaging threats from turns and pivots
  • Malfunction clearing and efficient reloading
  • Use of cover
  • Shooting until the threat is stopped
  • Balancing speed and accuracy
  • Dealing with legally armed citizens
  • Use of force laws
  • People approaches – reading body language and other pre-attack indicators
  • Strikes and takedowns
  • Ground control techniques
  • Behavior-based fighting concepts in CQB environments
  • Tactical geometry, cornering and room entry
  • Fighting from and offensive and defensive advantage
  • Variable speed tactics – from deliberate to rescue speed
  • Weapons flow, avoiding friendly fire and “earning the shot”
  • Bailing out, man down and other immediate action drills
  • Force-on-force drills and mini-scenarios
  • Basic instructional methodology
Classroom Portion
  • Mental Preparation
  • Hemorrhage Control
  • Emergency Compression Dressing (Israeli Battle Dressing, NAR Bandage, Olaes Bandage)
  • Tourniquet (SOFT-T, CAT, improvised windlass)
  • Packing Wounds
  • Use of hemostatic agents
  • Tension Pneumothorax
  • Sucking Chest Wound
  • Airway support
Live Fire Drills
  • Advanced one-handed shooting/weapon manipulations
  • Primary and support hand only weapon presentation
  • Primary and support hand only reloading
  • Primary and support hand only weapon malfunction drills
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Shooting from prone, supine and lateral recumbent positions
  • Self assessment, treatment of life-threatening bleeding and one-hand tourniquet application
  • Single and multiple officer rescue tactics under fire
    Rapid patient assessment and treatment while under duress
  • Pre-attack indicators
  • Non-traditional shooting techniques
  • Vehicle ballistics and use of cover
  • Vehicle approach techniques
  • Strategies for survival when you are engaged by gunfire at the suspects vehicle
  • Strategies for neutralizing lethal assaults that occur before you exit your patrol vehicle
  • Managing the complex environments that occur during vehicle takedowns and pursuit terminations
  • Vehicle occupant intervention/extraction methods
  • Introduction to Close Protection
  • Basic Qualifications
  • Situational Awareness
  • Etiquette, Protocols & Attire
  • Targeting
  • Security In-Depth / Foot Drills
  • Incident Response & Application of Force
  • Planning
  • Security Surveys & Audits
  • Searches
  • Public Venues
  • Executive Travel – Planes, Trains, Automobiles… and Yachts
  • Communications
  • Route Planning
  • Preparing the Client

How Does the Hocking College Degree Program Work?

Step #1

Complete the Hocking College Admission application that applies to you.

 If you have served in the military:
If you have NOT served in the military:

Step #2

Submit a portfolio demonstrating law enforcement training and/or military service to request Credit by Advanced Standing for specific course(s) required for your degree.

Step #3

Complete an Associate of Individualized Studies Plan of Study with your Hocking College Advisor.

Step #4

Register for courses with your Hocking College Advisor.


When is the Tactical Operations Academy?

Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled the 2020 Academy dates and will add 2021 dates later this fall. 

If I can’t attend the full 30-day Academy at once, what are my options?

Students can opt to take the 30-day academy all at once, or in two separate two-week sessions. For example, a student may choose to complete the first two week session in the September academy and take the second two-week session of the next academy in October or November to complete the full 30-day coursework.

How far in advance do I need to register?

Students must register at least 30 days in advance of the session they plan to attend.

How much does the Tactical Operations Academy cost?

Course Fees – $7,100
Meal Plan – $1,450
Lodging – $1,200
Tuition – $2,196
Total Price – $11,946

The course fees cover required equipment, which includes the firearms, gear and accessories students get to keep. All other courses required for the associate’s degree are $183 per credit hour for Ohio residents and $366 per credit hour for non-Ohio residents.

Hocking College offers a scholarship to all out-of-state military personnel (active duty and retired) and all law enforcement (active and retired) personnel.  They will get the in-state tuition rate ($183 per credit hour) for courses required to complete the associate degree in Enhanced Police Science.

G.I. Bill benefits may be applied for qualified students. Click here to learn more.



Hocking College Degree Program Contact

Lea Wandling, Associate Dean, Public Safety Services

88 Tactical Contact

Kurt Sorys, Training Manager
402-933-7171 ext. 102

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