School Safe

Students will learn the basics of Evading, Barricading, and Defending in a school environment. This course starts with a presentation and quickly goes hands-on for practical application of skills learned. After attending this course, your child will be safer in school, because they will gain the knowledge and skills to handle active threat events. This is also a great course for a whole family to attend. …MORE

Active Threat Seminar – Business Presentation

The Active Threat Seminar is a 90-minute presentation. This will give you the foundation to consider an active shooter protocol in your workplace. Topics include: mindsets that help or hinder, identifying active threats in the workplace, basic ‘run, hide, fight’ techniques, tactical two’s, basic medical aid, room defense …MORE

Basic Active Killer Response – Unarmed Strategies

This course introduces students to the realities of an active shooter event, and teaches unarmed defensive techniques. The instruction takes place in a safe classroom environment and covers mindset, awareness, basic skills, and medical aid. Individuals learn to apply enhanced Run-Hide-Fight techniques such as evading gunfire, impromptu barricades, use of improvised weapons, disarming, and group defense skills. …MORE

Basic Active Killer Response – Armed Strategies

In Basic Active Killer Response – Armed Strategies, students learn how to use a gun to respond to immediate active killer attacks, defend an area, and how to interdict an active killer using tactics to avoid being misidentified. This is an interactive course that makes use of marking cartridges (airsoft) and other non-live fire training tools. Students must have a basic level of skill with handguns. …MORE

Intermediate Active Killer Response

Intermediate Active Killer Response covers the full spectrum of firearms response from the individual counter-assault perspective. Participants learn to respond to threats in emergency situations in the midst of innocent third parties. The instruction is a combination of live fire and interactive simulations. …MORE

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