3-Gun Competition

Pro Series


This 3-Gun Competition Course is a two-day course hosted at our beautiful Tekamah facility on October 27 and 28.  This course will give the student the skills and drills in pistol, rifle, and shotgun, to prepare themselves to compete at a high level while attending national matches. The first day will include movement and manipulation drills with the rifle, pistol, and shotgun. The afternoon will be spent honing long-range rifle skills that will give the student major advantages at their next match. Day two will include bay and natural terrain courses of fire where students will practice efficient movement and stage planning as well as the application of skills learned on day one.

Topics Covered
  • Rifle Positions
  • Wind Calls
  • Scope sight-in
  • Rifle Engagements from 100-400 yards
  • Rifle ammunition options
  • Pistol vs Shotgun options
  • Pistol dryfire drills
  • Gun transitions
  • Reducing stage times by 10-20%
  • Natural terrain vs Bay stages
About the Instructor

Jacob Betsworth is a 15-year veteran of law enforcement and a state certified firearms instructor. He is also a professional 3-gun competitor, placing in the top 10 in every national level 3-gun match he has attended since beginning his professional career in 2015. He currently competes in 8-10 national-level matches a year and is heavily involved in training both experienced and in-experienced shooters alike. Jacob is currently sponsored by Benelli shotguns, Primary Weapons Systems rifles, Hayes Custom Guns, Fiocchi Ammunition, Leupold Optics, XLR Rifle Stocks, AR Gold Triggers, 5.11 Tactical, and Nordic Components.

Required Equipment
  • Rifle
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • 200 Shotgun rounds
  • 20 Shotgun slugs
  • 200 Short range rifle rounds
  • 100 Long range rifle rounds
  • 250 Pistol rounds
  • Lunches, snacks, and water
Training Location:

88 Tactical Training Facility
2750 County Rd GH
Tekamah, NE 68061

Rate – $395                                                                                                Enroll

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