Advanced Sniper Course by Max Ordinate Academy

Pro Series

April 8-12, 2019

*Law enforcement personnel only

The world today is changing as is the threat Law Enforcement Officers face daily.  This training will present the officer with real world challenges ranging from tactical decision scenarios, debriefs of previous call outs, military operations, and worst-case scenarios all while providing the advanced skills enabling LE Officer’s to place precision shots from uncomfortable and unconventional positions.

Officers attending this training will improve their observation skills and outside the box thinking.  Throughout the training, officers will be forced to engage moving targets, vehicles, and more under specific scenarios allowing them to make a decision, then debrief it with the class.

Tyler Hughes, Lead Sniper Instructor, developed this course 7 years ago constantly updating the curriculum, the staff, and techniques to provide the ultimate training for LE SWAT Snipers. Tyler’s Advanced course has become recognized throughout California and the west coast as the “Must Attend” training event that builds skills and confidence needed today.

The Max Ordinate Academy Instructor Staff are a mix of Marine Scout Snipers and LE SWAT Snipers to ensure tactics and techniques are properly administered to allow the student to best make decisions and perform their job.​

The Law Enforcement Advanced Sniper course is a training package designed to bridge the gap between law enforcement long gun skills and military sniper skills.

Topics Covered

  • Tripod engagements
  • Positional fundamentals
  • Scope operation
  • Reticle usage
  • Moving targets
  • Ballistic calculators
  • Real-world scenarios
  • Urban hides
  • Loop hole shooting
  • Wind reading & calls
  • SOP Development
  • Standardized qualification
  • Shoot/No shoot decision making

This course is being hosted at the 88 Tactical Tekamah Facility. *On-site lodging available – please email Kurt Sorys at to make arrangements.

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