Primal Defense: Everyday Armed Combatives

Low Light Engagements


The Primal Defense: Everyday Armed Combatives (EDAC) course is a series of 1.5 hour classes that build the skills needed to defend yourself and show what to expect in real world armed combative situations. Students will learn how to properly defend against different types of attacks, and how/when to introduce a weapon into the fight. The students will go through different reality-based situational awareness scenarios using SIRT (laser) training pistols.

These scenarios will induce stress to make the training as realistic as possible, but students will get multiple repetitions to correctly respond to each situation. Each class is limited to 10 students to allow the instructors to cater to each individual’s capabilities. Every student will gain a better knowledge of which self-defense tactics to apply in a variety of situations and leave with a sense of fulfillment after developing critical life-saving skills they can use to protect themselves and others.


Emergencies don’t just happen during the day. Are you prepared to handle your firearm in the dark? Our Everyday Armed Combatives Low Light series will teach participants how to react in a nighttime self-defense situation. The students will learn the basics of choosing the right flashlight and how to use it with their weapon. The instructor will teach three different techniques for searching and clearing rooms using a flashlight and handgun. Participants will get to practice each technique, going through different room setups and scenarios with their lights and SIRT pistols. Learning these valuable skills can help keep you and your family safe at any time of night.  These stand-alone classes do not need to be taken in any particular order.

Equipment Requirements 
  • Comfortable clothing you can easily move around/sweat in, pants or shorts with belt loops, sturdy belt.
  • **88 Tactical provides training pistol and holsters.
Eligibility Requirements

Students must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government issued I.D.


All required equipment is available for rent or purchase prior to class.

*Lunch, dinner and snacks are available for purchase at the Ammo Box Café inside the Range & Readiness Center.

Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel or re-schedule a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of a class will receive a full refund or credit applied toward future classes. Students who cancel or re-schedule less than 72 hours in advance or “No-Shows” will result in forfeiture of 50% of payments and fees. 88 Tactical reserves the right to cancel any course offered due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, all students will receive a full refund or credit applied to another class.

Punch cards now available!

Buy a punch card for $150 and get entry to 10 Primal Defense: EDAC classes. Call to sign up for the EDAC classes you want, and the instructor will punch your card upon arrival.

Rate – $30

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