Striking Seminar with Mick Doyle

Pro Series

Starting March 7  |  6pm-7pm

Mick Doyle will be teaching a striking seminar for students ages 15 and up. The series consists of 1-hour sessions every Wednesday night at 6pm for 8 consecutive weeks.

About the Instructor

Mick Doyle retired from an incredible professional fighting career in 1999, after collecting multiple World Titles. Since then, Mick has devoted his energies to continuing his advancement as a Martial Artist and a coach. He currently holds the rank of Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Fabio Santos who is one of the highest ranking students of Rickson Gracie. He strives to teach people the life’s lessons he has learned from years of constantly challenging and pushing himself to be the best. Mick is currently the head coach of the National amateur Mixed Martial Arts team and has trained more National champions than any other coach in the United States. To date, he has coached 37 National Champions and cornered 6 World Champions. His seminars and fighter coaching sessions and methods are among the best in the world.

Course Outline
  • Session 1 (March 7) –  Alphabet drill, footwork, shadow boxing
  • Session 2 (March 14) – Body Movement to avoid punches and Angles
  • Session 3 (March 21) – 4/6/8 count Boxing combos and catching punches
  • Session 4 (March 28) – Clinch Game  A Frame / Cross / Umbrella
  • Session 5 (April 4) – Knee strikes Front / Swing / Round
  • Session 6 (April 11) – Elbows
  • Session 7 (April 18) – Low Kicks and Push kicks
  • Session 8 (April 25) – Review and Execution of a Complete Striking Game

Come to each session wearing gym attire, there is no other required equipment for these seminar sessions.

Rate – $180                                                                                                 Enroll

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