2-Day Vehicle Defense by Battleline Tactical

Pro Series

April 13 & 14  |  9am-5pm

The Vehicle Defensive Course focuses on fundamental defensive skills in, and around vehicles. This course will include a vehicle ballistic lab and concealed carry considerations while seated in the vehicle. This course is taught by Kris “Tanto” Paronto and Dave “Boon” Benton.

Topics Covered
  • Safe weapons manipulations in and around vehicles
  • Justifiable use of force
  • Awareness/ Mind Set/ OODA Loop
  • Concealed carry considerations while seated
  • Shooting in and out of vehicles
  • Vehicle TTPs
  • Vehicle ballistic lab of your defensive rounds
  • Vehicle use of cover
  • Protecting multiple passengers
  • Managing multiple threats
  • Go Bags
  • Managing gunshot wounds
Vehicle Defense Course Equipment Requirements
  • Quality IWB or OWB holster (holster must remain open after drawing pistol)
  • Open or closed concealment garment
  • Quality pistol of at least 9mm/38 caliber
  • Ability to carry at least one spare magazine or speed loader on your body
  • At least 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • 600 rounds of ammunition and 5 rounds of carry/duty ammunition
  • Wrap around eye protection
  • Hearing protection (Noise canceling Ear Muffs preferred)
  • Long sleeves and pants recommended
  • Baseball style cap, knee and elbow pads highly recommended
Eligibility Requirements
  • Battleline Concealed Defensive Pistol or equivalent from a reputable instructor, or permission from the instructors to attend course. (DD-214 showing M-9 Completion will suffice for a basic handgun course completion.)
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Please bring water and lunch
  • Lodging available on-site – to reserve lodging, ammo or rent weapons, Contact Kurt Sorys at 88 Tactical (ksorys@88tactical.com or 402-933-7171 ext. 102).

To enroll, please visit the Battleline Tactical site.

Rate – $595 ($535 for Battleline Tactical Alumni)

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