Starts July 2nd

Texas Hold'Em Tuesdays

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of Texas Hold’em Tuesdays to our lineup of recurring events!

Starting July 2nd, members plus one guest are invited to join us every Tuesday in our Event Space for an evening of thrilling poker action.

Seating is limited so registration is highly recommended. To register, please send an email with date and name of player(s) to Nick Nowatney (aka Pit Boss) at

The Championship Table, occurring quarterly, will be played in the Knock & Talk.

Tournament Structure


Players register for the tournament in advance to ensure smooth organization on the event day.

Starting Chips

Players get $160 in chips.

Tournament Structure Adjustments

Blind Structure

We will maintain a balanced blind structure to ensure the tournament progresses smoothly. Here is an adjusted blind structure with 20-minute levels.

Blinds start out $1/$3 and double every 15 minutes.
• Level 1: Blinds $1/$3
• Level 2: Blinds $2/$5
• Level 3: Blinds $5/$10
• Level 4: Blinds $10/$15
• Level 5: Blinds $15/$25

Blinds continue to increase in a similar fashion.

Seating & Tables

Players will be divided into four tables of eight players each. The house poker software will assign initial seating. As players arrive and get eliminated and tables are consolidated, we will maintain a balanced number of players per table.

Start Time & Breaks

Start time is 6:00pm, so please arrive prior to 6:00pm. There will be one 15-minute break at 7:40pm.

Non-Monetary Prizes

Prizes for top 2 finishers.


Prizes and prize structure will be announced at the beginning of the tournament so that players know what they are playing for.

Gameplay Rules

No Gambling

Players will be reminded that this is a non-gambling event, and that no real money will be involved in the games or on the tables top.

Fair Play

We encourage fair play and sportsmanship among players. Cheating or collusion will not be tolerated. Excessive Table Talk will receive warning.

Time Limits

If a player is delaying the game we will enforce time limits for player actions to keep the tournament running smoothly. Players have a certain amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) to act on their hand.

Game Play

Players must call their hand.
• No straddles
• No chip sharing
• Possible future re-buy depending on the speed of the tournament

No String Betting

Players must declare their bet in one motion without string betting (i.e., announcing a bet amount and then adding more chips afterward).


The house poker software should assign the first dealer. If not, each table will draw the highest card to determine the 1st dealer. The dealer button rotates clockwise after each hand to ensure fairness.

If a rule question arises, pit boss will make the final call.

Players sign in before seating to track tournament standings. If a player does not check in 15 minutes after the start of the game, they will forfeit their seat. The top 8 players of the quarter will receive a seat in the Finals (last Tuesday of the quarter in the Knock & Talk).

If a “Final 8” player cannot attend, they will be allowed a proxy to play in their place. It must be submitted in writing to Pit Boss.


Contact Nick Nowatney at