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Topgolf Swing Suite Policies

Our Topgolf Swing Suite Policies outline the rules and regulations designed for our members safety and convenience when using the Topgolf Swing Suite.

General Policies

  • Maximum of 8 people in the suite at one time.
  • One person on the hit pad at a time, other users stand behind the red line.
  • Food and beverage is available in the suite, but not allowed on the hit pad.
  • Do not mistreat the equipment or use equipment in a way that it was not designed for.
  • Staff member must set up the Topgolf Swing Suite for members (turning on, signing in, time selection).
  • Members are free to select between games.
  • To select between Golf and Shooting games, please seek assistance from a staff member.
  • Suite must be vacated promptly when time is up.
  • Contact a staff member if there are any issues or questions.


Reservations are non-refundable when cancelled less than 4-hours before the reserved start time. Refunds will be issued via in-store credit when outside of the 4-hour window. Please contact the Events Department at for assistance.

Event Package

If you are interested in hosting an event in our Topgolf Swing Suite, email or visit the Event Packages page and complete the convenient online request form.