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88 Tactical Pro Series

Our Pro Series is an exciting collaboration with other training industry experts to teach specialized courses in order to offer students an even broader spectrum of training curriculum. Courses within the Pro Series are hosted at our Omaha and Tekamah, Nebraska training facilities.

Upcoming Pro Series Trainings

Pistol Skill Development

Pistol Skill Development focuses on the mechanics of marksmanship at speed with a pistol. It is not about tactics, but instead about skill with the firearm. The course objective is for every student to finish with a deeper understanding of how to construct their personal training in order to improve as efficiently as possible.

Low Light Precision

Low Light Precision introduces students to night vision as well as clip-on vs stand alone, zeroing and zero offset, infrared marking, target recognition and identification, rapid target engagement techniques, and short, mid, and long range target engagements.

Red Dot Pistol: Fundamentals & Performance

Red Dot Pistol focuses on mastering red dot pistols and is designed to provide individuals with the essential skills to excel in this advanced technology. This is not an introductory level course. Students must have a solid pistol skill base to attend.

Practical Performance

Practical Performance focuses on practical shooting skills that help students confidently plan, tackle, and shave time from their performance with a pistol. It also covers principles of efficient practice and how to structure practices to identify and address weaknesses.

RDS Handgun Mechanics

RDS Handgun Mechanics teaches students the what, why, and how to carry a firearm and properly employ it safely. This course covers subjects like self-diagnostics, the importance of vision, and helps to push students to a higher level of performance.

Night Vision Level 1

Night Vision Level 1 bridges the performance and defensive worlds of shooting. Students will learn about zeroing laser devices, efficient/consistent fundamentals, reloads and malfunctions in the dark, cover/shooting positions, target transitions, and more.

Past Pro Series Trainings

Knowledge Transfer Collective

Knowledge Transfer Collective is two days of all encompassing training including mindset, pistol fundamentals, and human performance labs. Included in the cost of a ticket is lodging at Courtyard by Marriott Omaha La Vista and breakfast, lunch, and dinner catered by 88 Tactical’s exclusive Founders Club restaurant.

Overview of Brain-Based Tactical Training Design

This seminar surveys the latest in methods, concepts, and tools for neuroscience-based firearms and use-of-force training. Attendees will gain an understanding of how the human brain learns, where traditional training methods fall short and why as well as several high-level strategies to improve training efficiency.