Thank You for Your Service

Heroes Membership

At 88 Tactical, we understand and deeply appreciate the unparalleled dedication and sacrifice exhibited by our brave first responders and active military members. In an effort to express our gratitude, we offer our Heroes Membership, focused on giving back to these everyday heroes.

Any active law enforcement officer, paramedic, firefighter, or military service member is eligible for a complimentary Heroes Membership at 88 Tactical.

Our Heroes Membership is offered completely FREE to these active-duty heroes. If any of these dedicated individuals wish to upgrade their membership beyond the Heroes Membership level, they simply pay the difference.

Our Heroes deserve nothing less than the best, and 88 Tactical is proud to stand with them in their noble endeavors. Let’s come together to honor the unwavering courage and commitment of our local heroes.

Heroes Membership Benefits

Exclusive Founders Club Restaurant

Unprecedented access to the Founders Club restaurant and lounge from Monday through Wednesday.* This access is typically reserved exclusively for our Social or Select members, making it an exceptional perk.

Two men point at gun at a shooting range

Shooting Lane Rentals

Substantial 50% discount on shooting lane rentals to help sharpen your skills.

88 Tactical Pistols at firearm pro shop

Firearm Purchases

Attractive 5% off firearm purchases from our full-service Pro Shop.

Two women are shown how to point a gun at a shooting range

Advanced Lane Reservations

Advanced lane reservations making securing a shooting lane more convenient.

Tekamah Facility

Access to outdoor range in Tekamah located on 160 acres of rolling hills and timber.

88 Tactical merchandise section

Merchandise & Apparel

Impressive 10% off all top-quality merchandise and apparel.

Room Rentals

20% discount on room rentals available throughout our state-of-the-art facility.

Skill Builder Sessions

Generous 20% discount on weekly Skill Builder Sessions.

Classes & Private Sessions

20% discount on training classes and private sessions with highly credentialed instructors.

Armory Services

10% reduction on high-quality armory services to help maintain your weapon.

*Days of the week are based on current availability in the Founders Club and may be subject to change over time, depending on trends in the exclusive member-only restaurant.

Interested in our Heroes Membership?

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If you are an active law enforcement officer, paramedic, firefighter, or military service member and would like to sign up for our Heroes Membership, please contact our Membership Services Teams or complete the convenient online membership contact form.

If you decide you would like to upgrade your membership at any time, please let our Membership Services Team know and they will adjust your account accordingly.

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Upgrade to Founders Select & Enjoy More Perks!

COST+ Pricing

Founders Club Access 7 Days/Week

Reserved Parking

Kids Club

Bigger Discounts*

*Founders Select Members Enjoy Bigger Discounts on Classes, Conference Room Rentals, Armorer Services, Skill Builder Sessions, Merchandise, Apparel, Firearms, Food & Drinks!

Membership Add-Ons

Elevate your membership experience by considering our fantastic add-ons available for integration with your existing membership including Unlimited Rentals, Handgun & Rifle Lockers, Gun Cleanings, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kids Club.