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  • Intro to Handgun
  • Basic Handgun Defense Level 1
  • Basic Handgun Defense Level 2
  • Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 3
  • Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 4
  • Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 5
  • Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 6
  • Low Light Handgun
  • Intro to Competition Shooting
  • Intro to RDS Pistol
  • RDS Pistol Practical Performance
  • Women’s Intro to Handgun
  • Women’s Practical Handgun
  • Women’s Defensive Handgun 1
  • Women’s Basic Handgun Skill Builder
Exclusively for Women

Women's Training Courses

88 Tactical recognizes the importance of catering to the specific needs of women, offering specialized programs and resources tailored to their unique circumstances. Through our women’s training courses, we aim to empower and uplift women by fostering self-confidence and cultivating a nurturing community.

The rise of women in the self-defense industry and their unwavering commitment to personal safety is truly inspiring. By actively engaging in their own protection, women are shattering stereotypes, challenging societal expectations, and showcasing their remarkable strength and resilience.

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