Convenient & Affordable

Online Training Program

At 88 Tactical, we understand the value of flexible and cost-effective training solutions, which is why we have introduced our NEW online training program. Whether you’re an individual or a business, our online training offers a convenient way to receive high-quality instruction that fits your schedule and budget.

"One key advantage of our online training is that our instructors are the same experts who lead our in-person sessions. This means you'll receive the same level of excellence and expertise, regardless of whether you participate in person or online."
Aaron Guzman
Corporate Director of Training & Senior Instructor

Active Threat Response for Businesses

Constraints faced by businesses (e.g., time, cost, productivity, scheduling) can be challenging to overcome when trying to train employees effectively. To address these challenges, we created the Active Threat Response for Businesses online training as a solution.

Nebraska Permit-Less Carry for Individuals

To ensure that individuals exercise their Second Amendment rights responsibly, it is vital to receive proper education and training on firearm safety and use. So we are developing an online version of our Nebraska Permit-Less Carry for individuals that we hope will be available soon.

Please check back for updates!

Home Defense for Individuals

It is crucial that individuals know how to defend their home and their loved ones in a variety of crisis events such as theft, burglary, robbery, or home invasion. So we are developing an online version of our Home Defense training for individuals that we hope will be available soon.

Please check back for updates!

Why Choose 88 Tactical

There are many reasons why choosing 88 Tactical’s Online Training is a smart decision.

Trusted Educational Resource

With a track record of instructing more than 30,000 individuals, including families, law enforcement professionals, and military personnel, 88 Tactical has firmly established itself as a trusted educational resource in our community. Our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional training has garnered the confidence and reliance of our participants.

Highly Credentialed Instructors

Our online students have the privilege of learning from the industry's most highly credentialed instructors. With backgrounds in special forces, law enforcement specialized units, and emergency medical services, these experts possess the skills necessary to empower you with confidence and equip you with skills to adeptly navigate any scenario or emergency.

Prestigious Training Organization

We hold our heads high as a distinguished training institution that provides revolutionary and transformative tactical curriculum, guidance, and certification programs. In the face of community challenges, we promptly step up, extending complimentary training and valuable resources to empower individuals in the areas we serve.

Experience the convenience, expertise & affordability of 88 Tactical’s online training program