The number “88” in our name is a reference to the State of Nebraska law enforcement code that stands for “All Is Safe.”

Multifaceted Organization

About 88 Tactical

88 Tactical is so much more than a shooting range. Our mission is to provide an inviting and empowering community that enables individuals, families, and professionals to discover their true potential.

We proudly offer members and nonmembers an unrivaled selection of diverse training courses. Dedicated to recruiting and retaining the industry’s best, our instructors’ backgrounds include military special operations forces, law enforcement, and fire and rescue. Many continue to serve today.

88 Tactical caters to individuals of all ages and experience levels in an environment that encourages learning new skills, making lasting connections, and discovering further opportunities.


Where It All Started

Shea Degan creates SIGNAL 88, providing customers with a full suite of industry-leading, custom security services.


88 Tactical is founded

As the demand for diversified tactical instruction grows, Shea redirects his focus from Signal 88 to launch 88 Tactical.


Incredible Growth

88 Tactical partners with City+Ventures to transform its visionary business model into a nationwide success.


Expansion Underway

Work begins adding upgraded shooting lanes, a sports bar, pickleball courts, pool, and more.

The Origin Story of Our Name

When your company’s founder has been in law enforcement for over 20 years, it is inevitable that an underlying spirit of that background become a critical part of the business. The number “88” in our name is a reference to the State of Nebraska law enforcement code that stands for “All is Safe.” The name “88 Tactical” speaks to our mission to enable individuals, families, emergency workers, and military members to develop critical skills necessary to handle any situation or crisis.

We are proud to be a family-centered community, teaching life-saving skills, building self-confidence, and providing a unique setting with a wide variety of amenities for all ages. Our spirited environment, training classes, and numerous events and activities offer something for everyone. People of all ages and experience levels have the opportunity to learn new skills and share new experiences within a vibrant setting. Our wide range of exceptional amenities and state-of-the-art facility provide an exceptional experience for our valued members.

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