Learn the foundational knowledge to handle critical situations involving active shooters

Active Threat Response for Businesses Online Training

88 Tactical recognizes that many business leaders feel unprepared for such a complex and unpredictable active shooter event. Employers want to protect their employees and customer lives when it comes to the very real threat of workplace shootings. For many years, our elite instructor staff have been teaching Active Threat Seminars and hands-on applications to many businesses. However, the constraints faced by businesses, such as time, cost, productivity, and scheduling, can be challenging to overcome when trying to train all employees effectively. To address the challenges businesses face training employees effectively, we created Active Threat Response for Businesses online training as a logical and practical solution.

When compared to traditional instructor-led training, online learning offers several advantages, including cost savings and the flexibility for employees to access the material at their convenience. Online training can help alleviate some of the challenges businesses face in ensuring all their employees receive vital training without significant disruptions to their operations.

Increase of active shooter events from 2020-2021
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Of all active shooter events are workplace violence
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Course Details

The Active Threat Response for Businesses online training course is comprehensive and well-structured, covering essential aspects of active shooter response and workplace safety.

What Employees Will Learn

Employees will learn about topics that are critical for empowering employees with foundational knowledge to handle situations involving an active shooter.

  • Build an understanding of these events based on updated data and studies.
  • Developing a prevailing mindset and controlling stress during a crisis.
  • Avoiding the three things victims say and Understanding the “Survival Seven” are keys to an effective defense.
  • Recognizing a threat pre-incident based on behavior to prevent attacks.
  • Early indicators of attack that can give you valuable seconds to respond.
  • The basics of run, hide, fight, and aid.
  • Develop your personal “Tactical twos” to consider in any environment. 
  • How to Barricade doors.
  • Basic medical aid education, including hasty and ready-made tourniquet application.
  • Using improvised weapons, including fire extinguishers. 
  • Defending a room as a group.
  • Disarming an attacker.
  • Dealing with police arrival. 
  • Employee safety and emergency action plans for during active threat situations.

How Employees Will Learn: Microlearning & Videos

Our online training employs microlearning to educate your employees. This approach has been proven to be an effective method for adult learners, as it allows them to absorb information in smaller, manageable chunks, making it easier to retain and apply the knowledge.

Hands-on practice videos at the end of the modules further reinforce the learning experience, as they give employees the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in a practical setting. Being prepared to secure, alert, aid, fight, and escape until help arrives is crucial in active shooter situations, and the practice videos can significantly boost employees’ confidence in their ability to respond effectively.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in enrolling in the Active Threat Response for Business online training, click the “Enroll Today” button below.

Benefits of Online Training

Saves Company Money

Online training reduces fees for trainers, employee time, travel, and material and can accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Empowers Employees

Empowering your employees to take action and make decisions within your organization can have a life-saving impact.

Fits Flexible Lifestyles

Providing training that can be accessed when it works best for your employees has a positive impact on overall morale.

Easily Scalable

No need to find instructors and classroom space to dedicated to training, all that your employees need is online access.

Consistent Training

All employees receive the same high-quality training ensuring consistency and standardization in policy and learning.

Duty to Protect Employees

An employer that becomes aware of any potential for violence that may exist in the workplace has a General Duty to Protect

There is nothing more important than investing in the well-being of your employees