A Cause We’re Proud to be Part of – Gift of Sight

It doesn’t get any better than being part of something that helps to bring positive change to the lives of others. We are honored to be part of Gift of Sight, a program dedicated to curing blindness. Dr. Michael Feilmeier and his wife, Jessica, along with their team of ophthalmologists, travel to Ethiopia each year to help cure blindness. To date, this amazing program has provided free sight-restorative surgery to more than 14,757 individuals suffering with a curable form of cataract blindness.

For the past several years, 88 Tactical has assisted with outreach efforts by hosting the Snipe for Sight event at our Tekamah facility. For this event, participants join Combat Veteran Military Snipers for a day in the life of a sniper as we set our sights on a world without blindness. Snipe for Sight is a one-of-a-kind event, allowing participants to test their skills on the next generation of weapons and optics alongside the best shooters in the world, while helping to restore sight to patients living needlessly in darkness.

100% of every dollar donated goes toward covering the cost of the consumables needed for the sight-restorative surgery. And for every $25 received, a patient will regain the gift of sight through this restorative surgery.

Upon returning to the states from their most recent outreach effort, Gift of Sight President, Jessica Feilmeier, sent the following message, “I wanted to let you know that our team and I have just returned from Ethiopia where we restored sight to 976 patients in 5 days due entirely to the money we’ve raised the past two years from Snipe For Sight. I’ve attached a few photos from the outreach. Needless to say, the patients faces say it all and I can only echo the chants and singing of thanks we received from each and every one of them to you, Trevor and Shea who helped change these patients lives by restoring their sight to them. I want to thank you for your continued support of our work and look forward to August 17th when we will have a chance to set our sights once again on a world without blindness. We have another outreach planned in Ethiopia this coming October, which will be supported by the money we raise this August. As always, our commitment remains the same. 100% of every dollar we receive goes to buying the consumables needed to provide these surgeries and every $25 covers the full cost of a surgery and provides the gift of sight to a patient in need. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and all we have helped because of you, your team and staff.

To learn more about Gift of Sight and how you can help, visit gift-of-sight.org.