Supporters Respond to Vicious Defamatory Attacks

What do you do when you are the target of blatant lies and slander? When you, your business, your colleagues, your friends, and your family are threatened by individuals launching a campaign to destroy your reputation through vicious attacks on websites, social media, and in traditional media?

If you have ever experienced this (and we truly hope that you haven’t) you know that you cannot reason with emotionally toxic individuals who use their words for destruction and thrive on drama and assumptions versus facts.

Many of us were taught to be the bigger person. Don’t stoop to their level. Don’t engage. Distance yourself from the situation. However, when it starts causing harm to so many good people, it’s time to take a stand. If you are seeking the truth, and you probably are if you are reading this article, it’s time for us to speak out.

If you’ve ever walked through the doors of 88 Tactical, you would know these accusations are far from the truth. I frequent their building several times a week to use their gym. As a woman, I have in no way felt unsafe while I am in the building, even having been there late at night. I absolutely do not agree with what is being said about the owners, or anyone who is employed there. Everyone in the building is extremely professional, friendly, and go out of their way to help. If you have not visited 88 Tactical, I encourage you to do so. They have put a lot of hard work and time into their expansion project, which will offer our community some pretty amazing amenities. Shea and everyone at 88 - I support and appreciate you. P.S. I have repelled off the tower and can assure everyone, it’s used just for that.
Moni Sullivan
Love my membership at 88 Tactical. Great, diverse group of people. Great range, great restaurant, great gym, great classes, great products.
Travis Clark
It's me, your friend Robyn from Winners!! I am also Jewish and I support you to the very end!!!! I've never ever felt uneasy around anyone at 88. You guys are amazing awesome human beings, with great personalities and great hearts. And I Always have fun time when I'm around you guys. Thank you for all that you do.
Robyn Small
Shea and 88Tactical I stand in support of you, your company and your branding. When I am in your facility I see good hard working Americans of all Race, creed and Nationality. No hate just good people with moral character.
John Francavilla
I have known the founders of this company for decades and have a deep respect for them and many of their employees whom I consider close friends...friends who I have met and accumulated at many different and varying points in my life. What is being said here is 100% true to EVERYTHING I have ever known about them and this company. You cannot find a better group of humans.
Brad Richarz
I have been to many civilian ranges, as well as running ranges in the military. 88 tactical has the most professional personal and attitude that I have had the pleasure of using. I am a member because of this. I have never witnessed anything other than professional treatment. Now I will admit that I don’t use my membership as much as I would like to with having a premature baby born in March. 88 Tactical provides realistic training for all who are interested. The restaurant is top notch with excellent staff. Even the armory staff doesn’t look down on you when you need assistance. Great place. If you look hard enough at any name you can find links to anything. Doesn’t mean that there's a connection. Keep up the good work. Disabled Veteran 3rd IN Division Charlie Med.
Douglas Vance
I can attest to everything Shea just stated as a Citizen and Black immigrant from the Caribbean I have always felt welcomed and respected every time I step foot at 88. Shea growing up in the Caribbean the old folks always had a saying “Let Jackasses Bray.” You are a good man with a phenomenal successful business keep doing what you’re doing bud.
Jason Frederick
I got ur back bro … we hate bullies my friend .. if they question u .. they don’t kno how hard u love on ur peeps. #Be the example
Greg James Martial Arts
I've watched a ton of your content over the years and there is nothing even remotely evident to suggest you're a white supremacist group. Your stuff is informative, practical and well explained... and I’m not even American. I think it’s a sign of the times that even when your message is positive, if it relates to firearms training and there are white guys doing the training (never mind their extensive pedigrees and qualifications), there will always be a minority looking to brand you as some militia or right wing terrorist group. Sad times we live in. Please keep up the good work.
Mike Barnes
Over the years I have taken many classes at 88 Tactical. All their instructors are nothing but professional. There is no hate, racism or judgement. Just the desire to help people improve themselves in a variety of skills at a top notch facility. Keep up the good work, 88 Tactical. You have my support!
Steve Alexander