Intro to Red Dot Sighted Pistol course

The Intro to Red Dot Sighted Pistol course is designed for people who want to learn the basics of shooting with a (RDS) red dot sight. Students will learn the correct way to use a RDS pistol through efficient body structure and a variety of dry and live fire techniques and drills to maximize their efficiency with the pistol.

We highly recommend completion of at least Basic Handgun Defense Level 1 before attendance.

  • Eye and ear protection
  • RDS equipped handgun in proper working order (unloaded and stored in case prior to arrival)
  • Extra batteries for your RDS
  • User manual for your RDS
  • 2 or more magazines/speed loaders (3 is recommended)
  • Sturdy holster and belt
  • 100 rounds of quality ammunition
  • A t-shirt along with a loose fitting shirt is recommended for this course. Please refrain from low cut or V-neck shirts, as hot brass can cause burns.

Students can rent or purchase the required equipment prior to class.

  • Must be at least 18 years old, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The student or parent/legal guardian signing the waiver must have a valid government issued I.D.
  • Must have successfully completed a Concealed Carry course, Basic Handgun Defense Level 1 course, or demonstrate good firearms safety/have a working knowledge of how to shoot a handgun.

Student Testimonials

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