88 Tactical Hosts GBRS Group’s Knowledge Transfer Collective

This month, 88 Tactical and GBRS Group joined forces to present the second installment of GBRS Group’s Knowledge Transfer Collective training experiences.

The Knowledge Transfer Collective’s schedule is thoughtfully designed to maximize the training opportunities for each participant. A well-rounded training experience begins with group fitness and mobility sessions led by GBRS staff. The morning sessions culminate in a refreshing 20-minute walk, followed by a nutritious group breakfast to fuel the participants for the day ahead.

A key component of the Knowledge Transfer Collective is the intense 3-hour range block. During this segment, participants engage in various movements that have been covered in the fitness center, enhancing their practical applications. A substantial number of rounds, approximately 500, are fired, ensuring that attendees get ample practice and exposure to different scenarios.

The dedication to improvement doesn’t end on the range. After a well-deserved lunch at the exclusive Founders Club restaurant, the training continues with another 3-hour range block. This segment builds upon the skills developed in the morning, allowing participants to progress further. GBRS Group’s media team plays a crucial role during this evolution, capturing video and still images to facilitate comprehensive debrief sessions. These recordings are used to analyze body positions and mechanics, providing valuable insights for ongoing learning and growth.

The Knowledge Transfer Collective emphasizes the value of camaraderie and shared experiences. Each evening, participants come together for a group dinner, providing an opportunity to bond with fellow attendees and the GBRS staff. During these debriefing sessions, participants can exchange insights, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

For those looking to enhance their abilities and gain a unique training experience, the Knowledge Transfer Collective presents an opportunity like no other.

To learn more about the Knowledge Transfer Collective training experience, visit the GBRS Group online. You can also check our Pro Series page for upcoming sessions 88 Tactical will be hosting.