88 Tactical to Host Open House

On Saturday, January 28th, from 11:00am to midnight, 88 Tactical invites the community to attend an open house. The general public is welcome to attend and will have the opportunity to tour the facility, speak with staff, and experience all of the amenities that are part of 88 Tactical membership offerings including the exclusive Founders Club restaurant.

88 Tactical recently completed several highly anticipated and impressive enhancements to their facility as part of the first phase of their expansion efforts. These enhancements include a new state-of-the-art kitchen that boasts over 3,000 square feet, dining room that seats 300+ guests, bar and lounge section, live entertainment area, private event dining section, Topgolf Swing Suite, outdoor patio and lounge that seats 100+ guests, and 20 digitalized shooting lanes that feature tablet-controlled carriers, sophisticated air filtration system, and convenient hand washing stations.

“We are continuously exploring ways to add value to our membership offerings,” explains Founder and CEO, Shea Degan. “Phase one enhancements focused on taking our dining experience and quality of food to the next level for our members. Phase two enhancements will further set us apart from the competition and enable us to offer a truly unique entertainment experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Omaha.”

Phase two enhancements include a pool complex with water slides, pickleball courts, outdoor 20ft TV screen, event stage, cabanas, new fitness center, locker rooms, and spa amenities. Members can expect to start enjoying these amenities later this year.

Individual and family membership rates are slated to increase as of February 1st, so customers are encouraged to join by January 31st in order to take advantage of current membership rates.