Survival Skills

The Benefits of Learning Survival Skills in the Winter

By Terry Barney, Senior Instructor

Most people are hesitant to take 88 Tactical’s Survival Skills courses in the winter. I can understand that line of thinking, to a point. However, if you focus on the advantages, you might change your mind.

  • There are no bugs in the winter. No bugs in your bedding, food, or your ears!
  • No humidity. It’s hard to cool down in the summer, but easy to warm up in the winter.
  • Reality-based training. You can sleep in a pile of dirt in the summer and survive, but it takes skill to maintain a 98.6 body temperature overnight in the cooler months.
  • Better animal tracking. It’s much easier to hone your tracking skills in the snow.
  • Empowerment. Once you have comfortably stayed the night in a shelter you built with your own hands, and cooked a meal over a fire you constructed, you will definitely feel a sense of pride.

These are only a few examples. The confidence you gain from our Survival Skills classes will stay with you long after the snow melts and the ground thaws. If you’re still not convinced, remember that the techniques we teach have been refined over many years, and we take safety very seriously. There is always trained medical staff on hand, as well as a temperature controlled bunkhouse for emergencies.

I hope to see you in the woods this winter!

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