Inside look at Douglas County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit Training

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By: WOWT Channel 6

PAPILLION, Neb. (WOWT) — Members of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit demonstrated their training Monday at the 88 Tactical facility in Papillion.

Officers say continually reinforcing their training in different scenarios is critical to ensuring the dogs behave predictably when used in a real-life situation.

“They did what they’re trained to do for the most part. We threw them in a different environment with a different floor surface. Sometimes that will confuse some dogs. They seemed to all handle it very well and they handled an environment of–had a lot of spectators today. Dogs were not distracted by that.They went in and did their jobs the way they’ve been trained to do,” said Deputy Jay Wineinger.

Several different scenarios were simulated to showcase the specific ways these dogs can be useful to keep officers out of danger.

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