Advanced High Threat CQC Course

This 3-day course Advanced High Threat CQC continues to refine and update the High Threat CQC System with additional focus on aggressive, dynamic and rescue operations as well as executing High Threat CQB during low light operations and complex environments. Students should come with the ability to fluidly operate their weapons in all lighting conditions. This course will also satisfy instructor re-certification requirements.  This is patrol level course and not SWAT, although can be integrated to SWAT. Previous HT CQC, Basic SWAT with HT principles is required.

88 Tactical’s High Threat CQC curriculum is a paradigm shift in tactics based heavily on human behavior in actual high-stress encounters. It takes what has been visually recorded in real life CQB engagements and develops tactics, techniques and procedures that allow operators to fight an opponent without having to fight their own instincts and intuitions. This flexible reality driven system focuses on decision-making and options in a close quarters environment.

  • High Threat CQC efficiency and advanced concepts
  • Drill for dynamic and rescue operations
  • Integration of low light
  • Complex environment (earn the shot)
  • Flashpoint drills
  • Force on Force
  • Open air deployment
  • Updated principles for high threat systems
  • Immediate actions drills: officer down, disengagement, re-engagement
  • Live fire range validation of all skills
  • Full PPE for Force on Force (head, neck, eyes, gloves, body)
  • Bolt blocker for rifle/handgun
  • Full load gear
  • 150 rounds of NLTA (rifle, handgun, or combination of both) airsoft
  • Eye protection
  • Live fire ammo: 400 carbine and 100 handguns
  • Law Enforcement only
  • Must be current High Threat Instructor, or attended our Basic SWAT (or OTOA), private contract with our methodology

Previous High Threat CQC Instructor experience is required.

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