Basic S.W.A.T. Training

Law Enforcement Training Course


88 Tactical believes that initiative drives tactics and therefore we apply principle-based tactics in all our Law Enforcement Classes.  The goal of 88 Tactical’s Basic SWAT Training Course is to provide our students with a solid base of knowledge and skill so that upon successful completion they may integrate directly into their agency’s tactical team.

Basic SWAT Training

This course introduces contemporary principles, procedures, tactics, and techniques for SWAT operations that are consistent with the National Tactical Officers Association’s recommendations.  In addition to SWAT Teams, this hands-on course is perfectly suited for officers assigned to, or seeking assignment to, any type of tactical team, to include Narcotics or Gangs Task Force, Fugitive Apprehension Teams, Crime Suppression Teams, and Warrant Service Teams. It’s also a great course for current SWAT Team members that wish to refresh or increase their knowledge of SWAT tactics.

Topics Covered
  • Team organization
  • Resolution of barricaded suspects
  • Warrant service
  • Clearing structures
  • Team movement and communication
  • Hostage Rescue familiarization
  • Reconnaissance and reporting during special operations
  • Breaching
  • Immediate action drills
  • Personal gear setup and recommendations
  • Hasty vehicle takedowns
  • Shooting tactics in compressed team environments
  • Unarmed subject control
  • NFDD familiarization
  • TacMed familiarization
Eligibility Requirements

Current law enforcement credentials are required.

Available Courses

*Advanced S.W.A.T. course also available upon request

Equipment Requirements 
  • Ballistic Helmet (if issued)
  • Gas Mask
  • Tactical Body Armor with ballistic plates in conjunction with soft armor
  • If not assigned, a concealable vest is acceptable
  • Carbine or Sub-Gun with four (4) mags
  • Pistol with three (3) mags
  • Weapon mounted lights (preferred) and/or handheld lights
  • Spare batteries for all sights and lights.
  • 450 rounds for EACH weapon system (NO ARMOR PIERCING OR GREEN TIP)
  • Bring all assigned S.W.A.T. Call-Out equipment
  • Gloves, Cap, Knee Pads, Snacks, Bug Spray, Water
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Ballistic Eye Protection / Ear Protection
  • Simunition/UTM/ Force on Force weapon or adaptors 100 NTLA rifle or 100 NTLA pistol
  • Notebook and Pen
Additional Equipment (Optional)
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Mirrors
  • Breaching equipment – ram, pry tool

Basic S.W.A.T.  |  Johnston, IA – October 17-21, 2022

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Aaron Guzman at (507) 884-5193 or Ask how your agency could receive a free slot

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