Behavior Based Combative Handgun Course

This is an intermediate level, thought-provoking course that teaches effective tactical responses and handgun use based on human interaction and behavior under duress in a law enforcement environment. Most handgun courses are designed to increase performance on the range and then it is hoped that the students can apply the skills in the real world. This method of training has been proven ineffective for decades with studies showing the average trained officer performs only 10% better than someone with no significant firearm experience. Repeated findings also show that qualification scores have nothing to do with actual street performance. Students will rarely be able to take the range into the real world, and they will be forced to flail, fail, overreact, or at best, improvise. This creates massive liability.

88 Tactical’s Behavior Based Combative Handgun Program focuses on responses that are consistent with human behavior under duress in a real environment. This has been documented thoroughly in scientific studies, by the recent prevalence of real world gunfight videos, and through examination of realistic simulations. Typical “combat” marksmanship training is often rejected because the context is not the same, and the skills taught are not applicable to the encounter, difficult to train and maintain, and are simply not behaviorally compliant in a one-on-one, life-threatening situation.

The Behavior Based Combative Handgun program trains students to make intuitive, recognition-based responses and respond appropriately and effectively work with nature instead of against it. Behavior-based responses are more easily learned, retained, and more often resorted to in highly stressful encounters. Students will learn how to recognize threats early, control the situation and their stress level through superior tactics, and if necessary, apply handgun skills within a broad spectrum of precision from point shooting to sighted fire. Students will learn what to do, when to do it, and how to do it effectively with less training time.

  • The reality of real world gunfights
  • How typical firearm training creates more anxiety, gets abandoned, wastes time and resources, and increases liability
  • How typical training promotes getting stuck in a bad tactical position forcing desperate, hasty and often costly decisions
  • Creating “survival confidence” and a position of advantage for better decision making
  • The Sympathetic Nervous System and the Survival Behavior System (SBS)
  • The “Three Brains” and how we think and act under threat
  • Combative Marksmanship: why survival and decision come before speed and precision
  • Detecting and mitigating threats early through recognition and approach strategies
  • Intuitively recognizing the need for Point, Precise, and Perfect Shooting on demand
  • Stress resistant, simplified firearm manipulations on demand
  • The training S.C.A.R. – “Situationally Conditioned Appropriate Response”
  • Behaviorally compliant movement and use of cover
  • Avoiding friendly fire and unreasonable risk to innocents during an encounter
  • Micro drills involving “key clusters” or situations that often result in gunfire
  • Basic firearm skills using reality-based standards
  • One-on-one behavioral response drills with training firearms
  • Behavior based live fire drills
  • Duty belt with 3 magazines and semiautomatic handgun
  • Ballistic Vest, Tourniquet
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Note book and pen
  • 800 rounds of quality ammunition

Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.

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