Hostage Rescue Course

88 Tactical’s Hostage Rescue course is a 4-day comprehensive course based on the principles of our High Threat system. Hostage rescue success is often the result of Tactics, Techniques, and Principles that are established, trained on, and integrated by Command, Negotiations, and Operators that are consistent with SWAT’s life-saving mission.

Students will be introduced to procedures for the resolution of a hostage situation, tactical operation center concepts, CNT procedures, and hostage rescue techniques and principles with best practices and industry-accepted standards to resolve the incident. Intel and the safety of all involved drive our tactics and decision-making.

88 Tactical’s Hostage Rescue course will differ from others as emphasis is given to the entire event and the goal of positive resolution, rather than just focusing on the “entry” or movement once inside a structure. Therefore, understanding tactical doctrine leads the course through individual skill development, small unit tactics, and culminating with full-team integration. Tactics and skills will cover entry procedures and movement, single and multi-room designs, multiple entry points, stronghold and mobile options, security, and hostage / suspect handling. (Detailed list of topics covered can be found below).

Students will learn the phases of deliberate hostage rescue through planning, rehearsal, movement, intervention, and withdrawal. The students will conduct several compressed scenarios with Simunition®, while also conducting live-fire validation drills. Depending on host capabilities, course attendees will also participate in linear entries and hostage problems in vehicles.

  • HR Doctrine, TTP’s and concepts
  • Deliberate and Emergency Entry procedures
  • Rapid Deployment and response techniques
  • Breaching Tactics and concepts
  • Live-Fire Exercises
  • Singular Operator skill building and movement / Decision making Exercises DME’s
  • Multiple officers, small unit tactics and full team scenarios
  • Stealth/Covert Movement – to breach, to contact
  • Phases of a Deliberate HR
  • Roles, Duties and Assignments
  • CNT / TOC responsibilities
  • Unknown floor plans, Known plans
  • Ballistic Shield during HR operations
  • CQC principles within HR operations
  • Suspect Mitigation / Hostage Control and Withdrawal techniques
  • Technical Equipment Usage during HR operations
  • Linear and vehicle HR scenarios
  • Force on Force Scenarios and DME’s
  • Transition Drills (HR – Barricade, Barricade to HR)
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Incident Debrief(s)
  • Deliberate Action Missions and Immediate Action Drills
  • Contingency Planning Methodology
  • Ballistic Helmet, Ballistic Body Armor / Plate Carrier
  • Eye Protection, Ear Protection
  • Duty Radio
  • Gas Mask
  • Gloves
  • Groin / neck Protection
  • Primary Weapon (Rifle) System with Sling
    • 500 rounds
  • Secondary Weapon (Pistol)
    • 300 rounds
  • 1 NFDD / student if trained / certified
  • Notebook / Pencil
  • SIM / UTM weapons and/or conversion kits with magazines
    • 250 NLTA
    • 200 NLTA
  • Three role players
  • Flat range with 180 degrees shooting: shooting stands, backers
  • School or Commercial Office Space (Corner fed, Center fed, Stairways, Open Space)
  • Classroom for lecture and presentation: Computer, Screen, Speakers, Projector
  • Access to house or apartment complex
  • Transit style bus (not school bus)
  • One vehicle (4-door SUV, Van)
  • Help market the course

Private Training Sessions

Henderson, NV – March 20-23, 2023

Palm Beach, FL – April 3-6, 2023

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Student Testimonials

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