TacMed Instructor

The Tactical Medicine (TacMed) Course for Law Enforcement Instructors has been cancelled.

The Tactical Medicine (TacMed) Course for Law Enforcement Instructors combines both live-fire and tactical medicine exercises in a 2-day, 20-hour class. Our curriculum, in accordance with the Principle Guidelines of Instruction set by the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), covers the fundamentals of tactical medicine, the use of a basic trauma kit, treating hemorrhage, chest trauma, and other life-threatening injuries. This course also covers fighting to get to the wounded, fighting while wounded, performing rapid patient assessment and treatment while under duress.

On day one, students attend the Basic TacMed Course (Medical Module Only) to become familiar with the curriculum. On day two, students are assigned specific subjects to teach back, including specific firearms skills and drills to teach, demonstrate, and direct on the range.

All teach backs are evaluated. Shooting drills are scored and students must meet a minimum standard to pass. Attendance does not guarantee certification. Students who successfully meet the qualifications will be given a copy of the written course outline, power point, videos, and TECC guidelines.

  • Mental Preparation
  • Hemorrhage Control Emergency
  • Compression Dressing (Israeli Battle Dressing, NAR Bandage, Olaes Bandage)
  • Tourniquet (SOFT-T, CAT, improvised windlass)
  • Packing Wounds
  • Use of hemostatic agents
  • Tension Pneumothorax
  • Sucking Chest Wound
  • Airway support

Each student will get plenty of hands-on practice applying various bandages,
tourniquets and packing wounds in the classroom. Practice medical equipment
will be provided by 88 Tactical for all classroom and range exercises.

Students may bring and practice with their own issued med kits if they choose.

  • Advanced one-handed shooting/weapon manipulations
  • Primary and support hand only weapon presentation
  • Primary and support hand only reloading
  • Primary and support hand only weapon malfunction drills
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Shooting from prone, supine and lateral recumbent positions
  • Self assessment, treatment of life-threatening bleeding and one-hand tourniquet application
  • Single and multiple officer rescue tactics under fire
  • Rapid patient assessment and treatment while under duress
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Semi-automatic pistol with a “ledge” so that the slide can be manipulated on your belt, holster, or pocket
  • 2-3 magazines
  • Serviceable holster and magazine carry pouches
  • 500 rounds of factory new practice ammunition
  • Dress and headwear as weather dictates
  • Sack lunch and water
  • Note taking material

Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.

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